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We Take Things Personally!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

At WTS we take things personally!

If you asked any of the students in our Performing Arts School where they saw themselves in five years’ time, you would undoubtedly receive 100 different answers.

Some would envisage a future seeing the world, dancing on a Cruise Ship, others would see themselves touring in International Musical Theatre Productions. Some would aspire to work in Television, others in Film. Some in the spotlight, others behind the scenes. Still more would see themselves influencing a new generation as teachers – teaching Drama, Musical Theatre and Dance classes at Stage Schools in exotic locations across the globe.

The point it – not one person in Theatre Training and Performance would articulate the same end goal. Not one person would share a vision for their future.

At WTS we know your career aspirations are as unique as the individual you are.

Despite general assumptions – the global economy is not one dimensional. It is, more accurately, an open playing field filled with wide ranging possibilities, brimming with varied employment opportunities.

Understanding what opportunity is right for you helps you to realise that anything, yes anything is possible.

In our Performing Arts School, we believe that if you want ‘it’, you can achieve ‘it’, whatever that ‘it’ is.

This is all very exciting, but slightly overwhelming at the same time.

Choice is confusing.

How do I know what I want?

This is where you need expert advice.

So, what advice would we give?

Start with the right foundation: a foundation that opens you to the full range of possibilities that exist for you. Seek to be guided into what suits and then develop what you need to achieve what is right for YOU.

At WTS this is what we do.

We listen, we observe, we appreciate your individuality. We teach, we guide and we mentor.

We make your talent tangible: whatever that talent is.

We handle things personally.

You are thinking of choosing a career in the Creative Industry. You are looking to find Theatre Training Classes to help you begin your journey. How do you know which is the Theatre Training Programme for you?

How do you find a Theatre Training Institute that caters to your specific needs? And how do you make sure that you do not limit your imagination by choosing limiting options.

At WTS we do not operate a conveyor belt service.

You are not a student number.

You are you: a unique individual with unique goals and needs.

We shall listen to you. What do you want?

Then we will guide – how can we use our resources to get you what you want.

At WTS we will not advise you to put all your eggs in one basket. We encourage diversity. Our Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance classes are designed to provide a diverse skill set.

Our goal is to empower you to adapt and survive, to work and to thrive in whatever capacity will work for you.

What if what you want changes?

We acknowledge that plans change.

But each new year is an opportunity for personal review: an opportunity to reflect, to take stock, to plan and prepare for the future you want. And to modify as needs must.

Through consistent review WTS supports your development and transition into the professional industry. Enabling you to identify and embrace your uniqueness and to apply these distinctive characteristics to your future success.

A quick glance at our alumni is all the proof you need that we are committed to helping you find what works for you.

From Music Making to Creative Management, our graduates fill a range of roles within the Creative Industry.

So, Perform, Teach, Create – be whatever you want to be!

Our range of International Qualifications accredited by Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and Trinity College London are your gateway to the future.

Create your unique brand and become the person you are meant to be.

At WTS personal is our priority.


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