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Unlocking the finances to secure your child’s creative future

The Waterfront Theatre School has partnered with Student Hero – SA's largest finance facilitation platform – to help fund studies in the creative field. Here’s how it works and how to apply.

Not just a place to get a well-rounded education and training in dancing, acting and stage performance but a place to unlock opportunities. The Waterfront Theatre School and Galloway Theatre in Cape Town are where triple threats are born and creative minds come alive. For students wanting to enter into the world of performance, teaching or creating within the creative economy, they’ll be able to obtain accreditation from Trinity College and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing as well as vocational training to hone their skillset from some of the best in the industry. This will stand them in good stead for a career both on and off the stage.

Over the duration of their personalised four-year programme, learners will cover everything they need to pursue careers where they can perform, teach and create. In our Drama and Musical course, students cover every aspect of performance, namely intellectual, vocal, physical and emotional. It includes modules on acting technique, improvisation, singing technique, music theory and history, TV presenting and the principles of teaching. They are given the opportunity to perform regularly and many of our alumni have gone on to have successful careers both locally and abroad.

The dance programme enables learners to gain comprehensive technique, develop their range of movement and expose them to different styles. Modern theatre dance, ballet, tap, jazz, street dance and contemporary are just some of the genres included in our curriculum. They will also receive training in acting and singing to ensure that they are well-rounded performers when they graduate. We offer Foundation, Vocational and Professional Dance programmes, all of which are designed to help students improve or master their dancing, choreography and teaching abilities.

More than performance South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, has become highly sought-after by foreign production companies who make use of our talented skill sets in the local industry. Our favourable exchange rate means that we have become an established hub for production in the industry and, as such, many performers now have better access to (more) opportunities in the field.

Not all of our students dream of performing on stage. Some of them would prefer a career behind the scenes – something that education at the Waterfront Theatre School can also equip them for. From playwrights, directors and stage managers to lighting technicians, vocal coaches and head of wardrobe, our holistic environment and approach expose learners to every aspect of the performing arts to equip them with the skill set to not only secure work but excel in the creative arena.

The world of television and music are other avenues that many graduates have pursued. Several have become familiar faces on our screens as TV presenters. Others have become award-winning singers.

An example of someone who has gone on to have success as a performer is former student and platinum-selling singer-songwriter, Elandré. After a video of him singing went viral internationally, he went on to establish a career in music and has recorded three albums. He also regularly performs for big audiences. Former learner, Terence Makapan, is an example of someone who used their time at the Waterfront Theatre School to hone their teaching and creative chops. He is not only a well-known teacher but an award-winning playwright and documentary director both locally and internationally too. With nine years of teaching experience under his belt, starting as a student teacher while still studying, he is now the Resident Director and Drama Teacher at the esteemed Kellett School: The British International School in Hong Kong. Another person who proves this is former learner, Vanessa Harris. She is a renowned theatre impresario who is most well known for her role as the creative director and owner of the hugely successful Kalk Bay Theatre in Cape Town. Not only that, but she has written and produced many award-winning productions. This is proof that you don’t need to be on the stage or screen to pursue a career in the creative arena.

We know that all parents want the best for their children when it comes to their education and are willing to invest in it. This doesn’t just apply to the 12-year schooling process but also to their ability to pursue higher education. Sadly, there are often obstacles standing in the way of a child’s dream and their ability to access it. In most cases, it comes down to finances.

Data released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed that only 15% of 25–34 year-olds in South Africa have a tertiary qualification. The unemployment rate for citizens without higher education is 36.5%. Being able to study in your field of choice is something that can improve your chances of success in the working world.

As an institution, we want to unlock opportunities for talented learners and eliminate any obstacles standing in the way of them pursuing their true passion and purpose. There are ways to finance studies at the Waterfront Theatre School so that parents can allow their children to follow their dreams of entering the creative economy as performers, teachers or creatives. And it won’t require arduous trips to and from every bank or student financial institution in town but can be facilitated online with ease. Enter Student Hero!

Creative solutions for creative studies

The Waterfront Theatre School is proud to be partnered with Student Hero. They have teamed

up with educational institutions and funding providers and are the largest student finance facilitation service in the country. They are an online platform where you can apply for and compare offers in one convenient place. What’s more, this service comes at no cost to applicants.

But how does it work? Because there are several student finance providers in SA and they each have unique qualifying criteria and processes, they provide a platform on which prospective students can learn about them and apply in one place. This takes the hard work out of contacting them all individually and allows you to manage your applications from one portal. By being able to compare them on Student Hero, you can find the best funding options for you.

When it comes to investing in your child’s education, this is often easier said than done. Not being able to afford an institution's fees, however, needn’t stand in the way of your child being able to pursue the career of their dreams. Sometimes, paying cash upfront isn’t possible or, even if it is, can have a major impact on your savings or lifestyle. This is when it might be worthwhile to consider applying for funding as it can remove much of the financial pressure and make life more comfortable. With Student Hero, you have the option of securing finance for all of your child’s tuition or partially so that you can bridge the gap.

What financial providers look at when someone applies for funding is their affordability and their credit score. The latter does not have to be perfect at all as some providers have more relaxed criteria than others. As for affordability, this is a way of ensuring that all monthly instalments will be made. Student Hero is able to assist students seeking financial assistance with a pre-qualification which can provide valuable insight to allow you to weigh your options. Made up of a league of professionals, they can also advise you on and provide support during this process.

Financing future talent

By receiving a higher education at the Waterfront Theatre School, students will be financially enabled to enter the world of performance and creativity. This is because of the world-class vocational education they will receive over the course of their four years of tuition.

If you would like to request assistance from Student Hero and start your funding application process, visit our website and select the ‘yes’ check box where it asks to be connected with them for affordable finance options. If you need help with the application form, please contact us .

As the late Nelson Mandela once said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

Sometimes, we need a bit of assistance when it comes to ensuring our children are able to pursue higher education in their chosen fields. With the partnership between the Waterfront Theatre School and Student Hero, you can make sure their dreams to study full-time after high school can be realised and set them up for a successful future.


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