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Secure your child’s creative future at the Waterfront Theatre School

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Every parent wants to support their children in their pursuits and passions. While some professions may traditionally be considered more lucrative, such as the world of medicine, law or finance, others, including the performing arts, have been seen as fulfilling but not a field that can offer real long-term stability or financial freedom. This can be the case when children attend institutions with a singular focus and much emphasis on theoretical training. At the Waterfront Theatre School, however, we take a three-prong approach to create the next generation of triple threats: Performers, creatives and teachers.

The triple threat, reinvented

In entertainment, we know a triple threat to be someone who can act, sing and dance. These are skills that students are trained in when they attend the Waterfront Theatre School. But they don’t just leave equipped with all the skills they need to perform on stage. They also leave with transferable skills that can help them thrive in the creative economy and the qualifications to teach their skills to others. This means that there are plenty of avenues for graduates to explore and thrive in.

We offer a full-time multi-disciplinary course, as well as a junior school for learners aged 5-18, that can be customised to suit the needs of your child. While they can opt to be Dance Majors or Drama/Musical Theatre Majors, they will still be exposed to and trained in various performing-art disciplines for a holistic approach to education and to set them up for a successful career. With the Waterfront Theatre School’s reputation for excellence and being a valued feeder school for the global performing arts industry, you know your child will get world-class training that can set them up for success, however they choose to put their versatile skill set to use.

The full-time course

Has your child expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the performing arts but you are concerned about their future career prospectives? This is why we offer our four-year course, which can be personalised to suit each individual’s level. Students will receive qualifications accredited by Trinity College London and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing that are internationally recognised. This will equip them to be able to benefit from the vast range of exciting and lucrative opportunities that exist in both the local and international creative job markets.

At the Waterfront Theatre School, we actively provide opportunities for students to perform, teach and create. In this way, we can ensure that we produce a new wave of triple threats that have a broad skill set, giving them limitless options when it comes to finding their niche and their place within the entertainment industry.

Perfecting performers

At a performing arts school, we ensure that our students are given ample opportunity to do just that. Over the duration of the course, students become well-versed in the art of performance and are given many opportunities to showcase their talent. This ranges from on-site productions at The Galloway Theatre in Cape Town to the annual One Act Play Festival to musical theatre productions, choreography competitions, dance showcases and more. While students are able to enrol as Dance Majors or Drama and Musical Theatre Majors, acting, singing and dancing are covered in all programmes to ensure that graduates are well-rounded and versatile when they enter the industry.

What is covered in the different modules? Dance genres that pupils are trained in include classical ballet, modern theatre dance, jazz, contemporary, tap, street dance and Broadway style. It also explores anatomy and physiology and features strength and flexibility training. Drama and Musical Theatre are combined into one course that trains students in the techniques necessary to work on stage, radio and screen. It covers acting, emotional technique, improvisation, theatre repertoire, vocal coaching, singing technique and more. Our highly-skilled staff are uniquely qualified to ensure that performers are confident and ready to light up stages around the world and live out their dream.

A former student who is a testament to this is Germandt Geldenhuys who has been recognised for his work on stage and screen. He was awarded the Huisgenoot Tempo Award for Soap Actor of The Year in 2017 for his role in Binnelanders and was nominated for a SAFTA for “Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film” for the film Kanarie. Proving that he is indeed a well-rounded performer, he has recently released his first single, ‘In Geval’. And we couldn’t be prouder of his continued achievements!

Creating creatives

Many people might assume that the only thing their child could learn from a performing arts school is to be dazzling on stage. At the Waterfront Theatre School, we teach skills that can be transferred and utilised in other areas of the ever-expanding creative industry. Students don’t just dance, act and sing but, throughout the course, also get opportunities to write, produce and direct productions. This gives all pupils a holistic overview of how to run a stage and be skilled when performing on it as well as when working behind the scenes. Many soft skills – which are useful in any field of work – are also developed and honed, such as collaboration and teamwork, attention to detail, time management, communication and commitment.

Within the creative economy, there are gaps and plenty of different types of opportunities. At the Waterfront Theatre School, our goal is to train individuals who are able to identify them and develop the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to fill them. By having an open mind, students can shape their creative path into one that suits them.

Tarryn Lamb is a household name and proud alumni. She is an example of how multifaceted our training is as she has worked across a wide range of performance platforms and is a familiar face on many of South Africa’s primetime TV shows. Not just an actress and dancer, she is also a TV presenter and multi-award-winning singer-songwriter.

Training teachers

Being an on-stage performer isn’t the only way to have a fulfilling career in the world of performing arts. All the people we see on stage needed to learn how to do what they do. This is where teachers come in and why they play such a vital role in the industry. They are responsible for developing each student’s technique so that it meets the global standard.

By leaving with qualifications that enable them to teach, it means that should your child ever be in a position where they are no longer able or want to act, dance or sing, there will still be opportunities to teach the skills and knowledge they have to the next generation of triple threats.

Over the duration of the four-year course, our students are thoroughly versed in the practical skills necessary not just to execute performances perfectly but also how to convey the various techniques to others to give them as good a foundation for a career both on and off the stage.

One of our successful alumni, singer, dancer and actress, Thalia Burt, has performed across the globe – even on the West End – in critically-acclaimed productions. As a Dance Captain, Assistant Choreographer and Resident Director, she leans on all her skills and is able to utilise her teaching qualifications to support her job requirements.

A creative career

At the Waterfront Theatre School, you can give your child a head start by enrolling them in our Junior School Programme. Being immersed in the arts is good for children. The benefits aren’t ones that are only evident on stage, either: Research has shown that children who engage in these studies perform better academically and also develop good social and communication skills, are more confident, quick-thinking and perform better under pressure. These are just a few of the many reasons that children should explore the arts.

For those who want to invest in their child’s future and aid them in securing their vocation within the creative industry, consider enrolling them in our Junior School or our Full-Time Programme. We offer options in our Junior School for both recreational training and vocational for learners who are wanting to make it their career. Pupils may also transition into the full-time course and continue their training in the pursuit of their passion for performance. Whether they want to become a performing artist, a producer or a drama or dance teacher, what they will take from their Waterfront Theatre School experience will stand them in excellent stead to go out into the creative world and thrive.

Want to help your child reach their dream of a career in the performing arts or creative economy? Click here for an in-depth look at our full-time courses and click here to apply. Because a creative future starts today!

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LYLE Slabbert
LYLE Slabbert
Dec 15, 2023

I like this becase i all ways liked acting

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