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Waterfront Theatre School - Why Are We Different?

The Waterfront Theatre School and College caters for the individual needs and talents of the student.
Due to the large number of studios and teaching staff, the time-table can be individualised. For example:- the student may major in Dance with Drama and Musical Theatre as secondary subjects or any combination thereof. There is constant re-evaluation of the student’s abilities and classes may be adjusted to accomodate progress and individual goals. The time-table is adjusted annually to keep abreast of the ever increasing and changing demands of the profession. Private tuition and ‘catch-up’ classes are also offered in order to maintain standards and pre- pare the students for their individual examinations in Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre. Graduates are advised on their portfolio, showreel, finding an agent and employment etc...

Radiant Lighting Launch

Phumi Mcayi
TV Presenter

Graduate Darren Greeff


Waterfront Theatre Company Cheerleaders